Envy really can be deadly

I suspect people may be wearying of even the more thoughtful attempts to analyse and explain Kezia Dugdale’s ‘thinking’. I’m not sure it matters what her motives are. It’s hard to find any relevance in her views. But there’s a horrible fascination in watching a human being disintegrate before your eyes.

George Kerevan may be correct. It could be that Dugdale is simply ignorant of history. It could be that she is quite unaware of the background that Mr Kerevan outlines in his article. It’s possible that, when she says that SNP members are not “progressives”, she actually believes this; either because she really knows nothing of the party’s past, or because any knowledge she once had of such matters has been washed from her mind by the anti-SNP propaganda so unrelentingly pumped out by British Labour in Scotland (BLiS) and the other British parties.

Or it may be that she just doesn’t care what the truth is. It’s possible that, at some level, she is well aware of the facts. We may well suppose that the reality has been overwhelmed by a bitter resentment of the way the SNP has usurped what she has been bred to regard as the status to which BLiS is entitled and, thereby, her own standing in Scotland’s political establishment.

Jealousy is a corrosive emotion, and some of Dugdale’s recent highly personal comments about Nicola Sturgeon have oozed vitriolic envy.

People whose opinions I trust tell me Kezia Dugdale is actually a very nice person. That is an assessment which is becoming increasingly difficult to accept in the light of her public conduct. Spiteful resentment of another’s success can corrupt an individual’s personality beyond redemption. Those who care about her really should have a quiet word.

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