Divisive, divisive and thrice divisive…

If ever there was an emptier soundbite than ‘strong and stable leadership’ it has to be ‘divisive referendum’.  It has been repeated so many times by Unionist Party leaders and their lackeys that I’m beginning to think that they genuinely are frightened of something. Perhaps they fear that the next time the result will be a victory for Yes.  After all, if they are willing to commit the biggest act of economic suicide on a 52% – 48% vote carried out by 67% of the electorate, then any margin of a Yes win is acceptable.  The great thing is…no one could contest it.

Supports for teams, countries, cakes, etc, everything can be divisive.  Are elections not divisive?  Of course they are, but that’s alright though, just don’t let Scotland have a referendum.

If you are a Green voter, I have one very simple plea…please, this time, vote SNP.  We have seen a surge in Tory support at the expense of Labour and LibDems.  If you truly are progressive then in this General Election, especially this one, let go of partisan politics and ensure a strong, Scottish voice is present at Westminster.  That voice is not going to come from LiS, Tories or LibDems.  It will be the SNP, support them and give them your vote.


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2 Responses to Divisive, divisive and thrice divisive…

  1. topherdawson says:

    Yes the Brexit vote was pretty divisive! Speaking as a Green who was a local election candidate in last month’s election, we Greens are pretty well aware of the need to vote SNP. SNP, Green and other Yes voters have under the Yes Ullapool banner pinched your “This is not a pencil” article (with your permission) and distributed it in leaflet form to hundreds of houses in the area. The intention is to get out the Yes vote and on Friday we will see what transpires.

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  2. Brilliant stuff.


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