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Let’s consider

“These articles never consider that perhaps, if there really is a popular desire for smaller states, it might be good to respect it.” – Craig Murray This is an interesting observation. The media “never consider” anything outside the box of … Continue reading

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It’s the law!

It’s going to be hard for many (most?) people in Scotland to hear, but Tusk and Juncker are correct. There really is “no room, no space for any kind of mediation or international initiative or action”. The EU has no … Continue reading

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The problem with being Scottish…

I have to admit that over the summer I took an extended break from the news and politics.  I almost sent an email to Peter letting him know that I was going to stop writing here as I was increasingly … Continue reading

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Lost for Words…

For the first time in a long period I find myself lost for words. Before the General Election I didn’t think that the Tories would win five seats in Scotland never mind thirteen.  I  was wrong. Before the General Election … Continue reading

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My country

If memory serves, it was the winter of 2013. The festive season. Although it didn’t feel at all festive. A midweek, mid-December afternoon which, despite the relatively early hour, was already dark with a depressing darkness that seemed to suck the cheering glow … Continue reading

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The Tory cesspit runs deep…

If you don’t already know who this is, please let me introduce you to James Heappey.  Mr Heappey is the Tory candidate for Wells in Somerset. This ball of charm was talking to a group at an all-girls school, when … Continue reading

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The end game…

You know, I’d thought that I’d heard all the bollocks that a Unionist politician or journalist could utter, until last Thursday.  You would never have thought that the SNP had increased its number of seats and vote share given the … Continue reading

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