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Peter A Bell

ff_davidson.pngAs we wearily condemn yet another instance of British betrayal, let us not forget the role played by the media in this latest bit of unabashed duplicity. The mainstream media helped peddle the utterly false notion of Ruth Davidson as a significant political leader commanding a small but powerful group of “Scottish Tory” MPs; regularly attending cabinet meetings at Downing Street, and exerting real influence within the British Government. It was all lies!

There is no such group! There are only British Tory MPs, some of whom happen to have managed to get themselves elected in Scotland. Those British Tory MPs take their orders from Theresa May and the British Tory Whips at Westminster, not Ruth Davidson. Other than for the purposes of the occasional photo-opp, there is no place reserved for Davidson at British cabinet meetings. On a scale of one to ten, Davidson’s influence isn’t on the…

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Decline to cringe!

Peter A Bell

scotlands_parliamentI’m not sure why we should be expected to pay any heed whatever to Lord Lang of Monkton and/or Lord Forsyth of Drumlean. The very manner in which they demand to be addressed resonates with a presumption of privileged power which is an affront to democracy. They, along with their 800-odd colleagues in the British Parliament, are products of the system of patronage which rewards loyal service to the few at whatever expense to the many. Their aristocratic titles signify their tried and tested allegiance to established power.

Lang and Forsyth speak for nobody other than the pampered elites of the British state. A fact only underlined by their having previously held the position of the British state’s representative in Scotland. They played no legitimate part in Scotland’s democracy then. They have no legitimate role in Scotland’s democracy now.

What these ermined nonentities say is of interest only because…

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To kneel? Or to stand?

Peter A Bell

For all Partick Harvie’s fine wordsgreer_harvie_greens.jpg, the tremulous vacillation and pathetic submissiveness exhibited by Ross Greer reminds us that there is only one political party that is, by virtue of its binding constitution, unequivocally and unconditionally committed to the restoration of Scotland’s rightful constitutional status – the Scottish National Party.

Whilst all support for the cause of independence is, of course, very welcome, those who are dedicated to this cause simply cannot afford to rely on politicians who so meekly accept the asserted superiority of the British state in what is supposed to be a political union in which both (all?) parties are equal.

The right of self-determination – as enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations – is vested wholly in the people of Scotland, to be exercised entirely at their discretion. Scotland’s electorate has provided the Scottish Government with a mandate to hold a new…

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They demand so much. They offer so little.

Peter A Bell

tomkins.pngBritish Nationalist ideologues such as Adam Tomkins insist, in ever more shrill and angry tones, that Scotland must not diverge from the rest of the United Kingdom. But these fanatics never explain why. They never explain why Scotland’s interests must always be subordinated to the demands of a British political elite which has repeatedly and decisively been rejected by the Scottish electorate. They never explain why the people of Scotland should put their faith in a British regime which has exhibited such woeful incompetence, mindless recklessness, brazen dishonesty and blatant contempt for our democratic institutions.

They never explain why Scotland should not seek solutions tailored to our circumstances and informed by the needs, priorities and aspirations of Scotland’s people.

They never explain why Scotland’s economic, social and political welfare must always be sacrificed for the sake of preserving the structures of power, privilege and patronage which define the British state.

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Beware of BritNats!

Peter A Bell

nhs_threatShona Robison is, of course, quite correct to highlight the threat to Scotland’s health service posed by Brexit. Talk of “an immigration system that works for the whole of the UK” from the British government makes no more sense than anything else about the entire Brexit fiasco. Devising such a system in the face of the diverse and diverging needs, priorities and aspirations of the four nations would be a massively complex and problematic task. A task which, on the basis of all available evidence, we must therefore assume to be well beyond the capacities of the current London regime.

It is inevitable that a BritNat Brexit imposed on Scotland by this regime will do real and serious harm to NHS Scotland. Pandering to a xenophobic obsession with immigration is bound to have an adverse impact on workforce recruitment and retention. We can only guess at the deleterious effects of…

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A sick and twisted ambition

Peter A Bell

ni_terror1It is difficult to fathom the attitude of the British political elite. What is the thinking behind their evident disdain for the Good Friday Agreement? What is the supposed gain which is deemed to be worth the possibility of reigniting bloody conflict in Northern Ireland? What is the ‘end-game’? What is the ultimate objective?

Assuming that those driving the Brexit process have some destination in mind – even if they lack any evident plan for getting there – what might that place look like? Given the huge risks that they are prepared to take, and the sacrifices that they are demanding of all of us, what end could possibly justify the means? What vision so enchants the Mad Brexiteers that they will gamble all to achieve it? What siren song lures them so irresistibly to the rocks and reefs of Brexit?

What manner of ‘Promised Land’ do British Nationalists…

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It’s Our Parliament!

Peter A Bell

If the independence movement was looking for a new slogan, we could hardly want for anything more timely and apt than IT’S SCOTLAND’S PARLIAMENT! It would be difficult to think of a form of words which better encapsulates the essence of our campaign. Few phrases could more accurately and effectively sum up our purpose. Those three words reflect a growing mood of indignation and anger in Scotland. That the British political elite appear dumbly oblivious to this mood is yet one more measure of their contempt for Scotland’s distinctive political culture and the democratic institutions which sustain it.

It is interesting, also, to note the difference between this phrase and the language used by the independence campaign in the past. In the 1970s the slogan was IT’S SCOTLAND’S OIL! Then, the debate centred on our nation’s resources. The change to IT’S SCOTLAND’S PARLIAMENT! illustrates a move away from the shifting…

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