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The formula

We had a “professional non-party Yes organisation” for the first referendum campaign. While that campaign should not be characterised as a failure, we did not achieve our main goal. Doing the same thing all over again doesn’t seem like a … Continue reading


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Tipping point

I’m a bit of an old cynic when it comes to politics. I’m not easily impressed. But the sheer magnitude of Saturday’s event left me stunned. It was huge! But it’s not all about numbers. Mood matters just as much. … Continue reading

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That’s not funny

I occasionally come to Michael Fry’s column for the entertainment value of his deft special-pleading on behalf of unfettered capitalism. But what gave me the greatest amusement on this occasion was his outrage at the SNP’s 2016 election manifesto containing … Continue reading

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Ramping up the rhetoric

Scottish Government tells UK: ‘We’ve had enough of secret documents’ I’m sure I’m not alone in being delighted to see the SNP administration playing hard-ball at last. Nobody can sensibly deny that Scottish ministers have behaved with almost saintly patience … Continue reading

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Taking a stand

The real significance of the stooshie over flags may not be immediately obvious. Firstly, it has to be recognised that the issue here is not flags at all, but the casually malicious dishonesty of the British media and British politicians. … Continue reading

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From a whisper to a roar

Language is important. Especially, perhaps, in politics. And certainly when politicians are dealing with sensitive matters. Bumbling gaffe-monger, Boris Johnson, nicely and frequently illustrates the importance of choosing words carefully. Nicola Sturgeon is NOT Boris Johnson. She is a particularly … Continue reading

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The cornered beast

I’m sure we would all wish to associate ourselves with the comments made by Nicola Sturgeon and Shona Robison thanking NHS Scotland staff for the extra effort they put in at times when our health services come under particular pressure … Continue reading

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In a good place

So, filtering out all the diplomatic fluff, what is the substance? No change! After the meeting that was never supposed to happen, all we know is that Theresa May continues to be locked into a ‘One Nation’ British Nationalist project … Continue reading

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Hands off Scotland’s Parliament!

I’m not sure why Dr Kirsty Hughes imagines that Nicola Sturgeon’s hand would have to be “forced” over a new Scottish independence referendum. The SNP Conference earlier this month surely left no room for doubt that the SNP is gearing … Continue reading

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SNP Conference 2017: Being Scotland’s voice

Day three of #SNP17 and the walk down from Garnethill to the SECC is taking longer each time. My right hip is making it known that there bloody well better not be a day four. It’s growing noticeably colder too. … Continue reading

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