Astounding hypocrisy…

The hypocrisy of Ruth Davidson never ceases to amaze but this little tweet really takes the biscuit:

That’s right folks (I have to assume that someone out there is reading this), after years of telling Ms Sturgeon to get on with the day job, she indulges in a bit of book writing.

Now, I don’t wish her any ill-will, and hope that her pregnancy goes well, but her double-standards in attitudes to hers and Ms Sturgeon’s public life is staggering.  I guess the Unionist philosophy is ‘do as I say, not as I do’.


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2 Responses to Astounding hypocrisy…

  1. tcrosbie20 says:

    Nothing new there then.


  2. Mundell came out the other day with the tired old “no referendum” and “day job” propaganda tropes, which of course begs the question of what his day job is, and does he ever do it … if he’s supposed to be the Goebbels of the Westminster regime’s Ministry of British Nationalist Propaganda at 1 Melville Crescent in Edinburgh (or rather, the Head Office in Dover House, London), he’s not doing anything of any note if “no referendum” and “day job” are all he can come up with.


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