A crisis of identity…

It is becoming very obvious to all, except the British Nationalists that there is a real crisis in the identities of English and British Nationalism.  The trouble is, Scotland is getting caught up in it.

It would be very easy to blame this crisis on either the Scottish Independence Referendum or Brexit.  However, it would be wrong to do so.  rather, I’d suggest that they were the catalyst for it.

Since the Brexit Referendum the number of racial attacks taking place on anyone with a different colour of skin or speaking with an accent that is foreign has increased.  The most recent of these attacks took place  on a bus where a white woman and her brown-skinned son received verbal abuse from four very brave men.  They were going to thrown her son out of the country, get him deported and she could go too.  These are happening far too regularly now.  However, the word: ‘British’ is being used a lot, not English.   We saw this at the weekend with that fabulous march that took place in Glasgow.

I have heard of no arrests taking place and no fights anywhere.  A very small group of British Nationalists tried to shout it down.  Cnute had more success in trying to turn the sea back that they did…but that’s not the point.  These so-called ‘British Nationalists’ are anything but that.  Holocaust deniers, racists & homophobes, these are the labels I would use to describe what they are.  If you don’t believe, check the videos on YouTube & Twitter.

British Nationalism, spearheaded by a Right Wing media, now stands for; sovereignty, Britain for the British, Nazi-saluting thugs and any empty and vacuous phrase that you can think of.  There are a lot of decent people living in England, and they need to somehow find a way to rescue their national identity and not allow it to be dictated by the narrow-minded on the Far Right.

All I have read is how poor, bad and awful Scotland is at anything, the recent furore about bay boxes (which seem to be fine as long as it’s the Finnish ones) being the perfect example.  ‘Scotland’ is being removed from food labelling and replaced with ‘British’.  It’s an absolute scandal.  Scotland is not England, they have different cultures and politically they are poles apart.  England for some reason is hell-bent on voting for the Tories: Scotland is not.  The decent people in England have a fight on their hands, and it’s a fight they must win.  More people in Scotland need to wake up and start believing in themselves.  Both countries can be independent with their own governments and exist quite happily as neighbours

The UK is living on borrowed time…independence is coming.


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