The great unwashed…

Well it would seem that in Scotland, politically at least, the SNP have become the great unwashed.  No-one wants to work with them.  Arguably, we could agreed that the along with the Greens, Labour and the Liberal Democrats, these parties have worked either on the Left or centre Left.  Not any more.  Labour and the LibDems seem to be rather happy working with the Tories.  Take Aberdeen for example.

You may find these tweets by Guy Ingerson very helpful:

All eyes are on Kezia Dugdale.  What will she do.  To her credit she did say no deals with any Party that supported austerity.  If it were me I’d sack the lot of them.  They’ll continue as independents or maybe even join the Tory Party.  I don’t really care, I’m more interested in seeing if she has any moral backbone as a leader.

As for the people of Aberdeen, and really this is a country-wide issue.  If you are stupid enough to vote for Tories and Labour then you’ll get what you deserve.  You were all warned before the Local Elections.  Unfortunately, the people in Aberdeen may pay a heavy price.


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