New year, same old rubbish…

First of all let me start by wishing you alla very happy new year.

I have a small confession to make, I used to sit and read comments on Twitter or read articles across various media outlets and either cringe, whince or simply shake my head in complete disbelief at the nonsense/propoganda that was being hurled at the the SNP. Judging from this first week of the new year I don’t think it’s going to get any better, in fact, I think they’ve upped their pace.  The bile has been relentless.

The SNP have been criticised for Baby Boxes (a great idea), train fares increases, the list goes on.  Kez and Ruth have absolutely nothing positive to offer to the people of Scotland except their constant mantra of ‘too wee, too poor, oh and SNP bad’.

I was never really sure about hgolding a second referendum so soon after the first one, but now I am convinced more than ever that it needs to happen, but please, please, please, whoever is involved in anything to do with it, get it right.  Nail all the arguments that the BritNats will throw at you firmly to the wall.

Hang in there, it’s going to get be a really bumpy ride!



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