No news is… no news!

So, nothing has changed. Thousands of words have been written. Hours of air-time have been filled. And nothing has changed. The situation now is precisely as it was before the First Minister gave that interview. Other than the fact that numerous media commentators have paid this month’s mortgage by misinterpreting and/or misrepresenting what Nicola Sturgeon said, all is as it was. But for a few British nationalist politicians and propagandists making fools of themselves with entirely inappropriate exhibitions of theatrically breathless hysteria, the situation remains unaltered.

Nothing has changed.

For the want of anything more interesting to comment on, we might merely remark on the curious phenomenon whereby unionists take a break from castigating the First Minister for ‘threatening’ the country with an exercise in fundamental democracy to convince themselves that she has withdrawn the ‘threat’ of #indyref2, and castigate her for that instead.

But then, there’s nothing new in that either.

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