BBC Question Time…what can I say?

I could go on for hours about the shambles that was last night’s show from Stirling but there are just a few things that I want to highlight.

I’m going to start with Cat Boyd…what can I say about a political activist who couldn’t even be bothered to vote during the Brexit referendum?  Her flimsy excuse about being abroad at the time just made her look even more stupid that she did.  Has she not heard of postal votes?  Her banality and lack of substance during the whole show last night just confirmed what I thought of her since 2014, which is not very much to be honest.  She’s one of those creatures from the Independence Referendum who thinks that her opinion is greater than others.  Well, it isn’t and she is nowhere near as smart as she thinks she is.  I grew tired of her and others like her, Loki being another one, who seemed to think that they were the real voice of Scotland.  They aren’t.  Before the show I was not one of her fans and that has not changed at all.

Secondly, Unionists.  Not only were they rude, shouty and just downright nasty, but their hatred of Scotland just leaves me gob-smacked.  One woman has the audacity to scream that the Brexit vote was a UK as a country vote, not a regional vote.  Regional?!  Regional?!  I wouldn’t care but she was Scottish.  Let that sink in…she was Scottish!  What makes a person hate their own country so much that they’ll sell it down the river for the sake of a corrupt political union?  A union that should have been put to rest many years ago.  Who let the UKIP / SDL morons in?  They were the shoutiest of the shouties.

I don’t care what your voting allegiances are when it comes to Party politics but, and I can’t stress this enough, if you are a believer in Scottish Independence then you are going to have to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with each other, because the moment Indy Ref 2 is called, and it will be called, the Union is going to bite hard and their lap-dogs from the MSM will come out snarling at anything and anyone that votes Yes.

Scotland can’t afford to lose Indy Ref2, if it does a whole generation or more will be lost to the seemingly unstoppable march of Right Wing Fascism that seems to be stamping all over democracy throughout the Western World right now.

Stand strong.  This is not about holding a referendum because we didn’t like the result of the first one, it’s about Scotland and her democratic right to be what she wants to be…a country in the EU.  The UK is not a country, anyone who claims it is spouting nothing more than jingoistic nonsense.

Stand tall, stand proud and most of all stand together.  Scotland’s future is at stake.

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3 Responses to Well…

  1. David McCloskey says:

    Hard not to agree, the Empire is girding its loins for a fight to retain the cash cow called Scotland and the first Referendums antics by the Empire controlled MSM will be as nothing compared to whats coming with Indy 2. As for Unionists, blondie obviously has a good job and a wee bit of crust from the Empire and gives not a feck for anyone but herself as was also the case with the oompa loompa from UKIP who was allowed a long monologue. Beginning to think that The paddies and even Mandela the younger had the rights of it, those in power will not surrender that power until forced to, and please who the feck decided for us that Maggies standard re numbers of Nationalist MPs being a mandate for Independence was not to be used, Why not!!!


  2. I stopped watching thiis debacle when it was evident David Dimblebee could not as usual, control the mob factor . It used to be a good debating show , now it’s who can shout te loudest .


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