The annual witch-hunt

You know the Festive Season has arrived when the British parties in Scotland launch their annual witch-hunt against the Transport Minister.

Let’s be clear. This has absolutely nothing to do with improving ScotRail’s performance. Nor is it related in any way to Humza Yousaf’s abilities. This is entirely about British Labour in Scotland (BLiS) exercising the only tawdry power left to it, having been comprehensively rejected by Scotland’s electorate. It is power which derives, not from any democratic mandate, but from the fawning support of the unionist media.

If you doubt this, take a look at the list of explanations given for the failure to meet punctuality targets. Note that most of the issues are the responsibility, not of ScotRail, but of Network Rail. But Network Rail is owned by the UK Government. So nothing is said about it’s part in the problems besetting ScotRail. BLiS is only interested in attacking the Scottish Government.

The First Minister must not give in to demands for Humza Yousaf’s removal. The onslaught against him is entirely malicious. It is the kind of petty politicking that is a blight on Scotland’s politics. Pandering to such puerile behaviour will only encourage more of it.

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