Not the greatest

Ruth Davidson is “seen as a rising star in the Tory party” only because that is how she is portrayed by the media. She is being touted as a “potential future leader”, not on account of any talent other than a certain flair for self-promotion, but because the media have elevated her well beyond her true worth.

With their customary superficial understanding of Scottish politics, the parochial, London-centric media have totally bought Davidson’s self-proclaimed status as ‘Queen of the British Nationalists’. The BBC in particular, has convinced itself that she is the scourge of the SNP. They now seek to persuade the rest of us.

They have a problem. Precious few people are as impressed with Colonel Tankstraddler as the media are. And nobody is as impressed with her as she is with herself. Davidson earned a rebuke from her bosses because she has come to believe her own myth. She imagines she has real influence. Even actual power. She supposes herself to be a brilliant political strategist and a wise and charismatic leader.

She is none of these things. Davidson is a political cipher. A nonentity. She is regarded by the British establishment as a convenient tool against the hated SNP. Beyond that, they have no use for her. She will fail. She will fall from favour. And, sadly, she will not handle ignominy well.

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3 Responses to Not the greatest

  1. Derek Ball says:

    I think it’s right to say that Davidson is all style and no substance. She does however have a following, and however much she may like to be photographed with Young Tories, that following consists largely of elderly grandparents who look at her and say “She’s a feisty wee lassie who speaks her mind!” They don’t listen to what she says. They just think of her as a 2-year-old, prone to gigantic smiles and banging the tray of her high-chair when she’s happy, and to the inverted-U mouth and big petted lip when she’s upset. “She’ll grow out of it”, they think.


  2. Donald M.Laing says:

    The MSM like her, they can use her as a club to beat the hated SNP. I do not find her impressive at all, certainly not a leader.


  3. Isobel McAllister says:

    She’ll self-destruct as do all who start to believe their own publicity. Unfortunately, it’s her secretive backers who will continue to promote their own interests, using some other catspaw.


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