I want to bring your attention to this Tweet from Ms Dugsdale:

This British Nationalism seems very strange to me.  Apparently, if she is to be believed, there are people in Scotland who seem to have no problem with being Scottish and British, but don’t you dare feel Scottish and European.

Overwhelmingly, Scotland voted to be a part of the EU in the referendum for English Nationalism last week.  So why is it that the likes of Ms Dugsdale, feel that it’s better to snipe and snarl from the sidelines rather than rally around the First Minister and her efforts to lead her country whilst the UK government all but collapses?  Where is the leadership from either Scottish Labour or the real tartan Tories?  Ruth and Kezia, sadly, offer the people of Scotland nothing and neither do the parties they represent.  I won’t even bother talking about the LibDems.

It would be completely undemocratic for Scotland to be removed from the EU because of England and Wales.  Since the result, Nicola Sturgeon has behaved and spoken like a strong leader.  Right now, for this time, Scotland couldn’t wish for a better leader.


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