Political paralysis

I suppose we should not be surprised any more when British Labour in Scotland (BLiS) does things like this. But their grim determination to embrace irrelevance is, nonetheless, deeply perplexing.

The outcome of the EU referendum afforded Kezia Dugdale the ideal opportunity to bring BLiS back to mainstream politics in Scotland. But there is a distinct impression that she isn’t even aware of this opportunity. It seems very much as if she is oblivious to events going on around her. She is certainly unable to comprehend the implications of those. It’s like nothing happened on Thursday. She writes the words recounting what happened. But there is no sign at all that she grasps the meaning.

She mechanically relates how the democratic will of Scotland’s people is being denied; and her only response is rote repetition of lines from the original Project Fear propaganda campaign. Presented with a situation which Nicola Sturgeon had no difficulty in recognising and acknowledging as “democratically unacceptable”, Dugdale simply accepts. It’s as if she cannot even contemplate the possibility of doing otherwise. As if she’s unaware that there is an option to protest.

Inertia is one thing. But this is paralysis. The contrast with Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP could hardly be more stark. While they give the impression of knowing in advance what was going to happen, or at least of having planned and prepared for every eventuality; Dugdale and BLiS don’t even seem to know what’s happened after it’s happened. And there is absolutely no hint of a plan or a strategy.

Significantly, the Daily Record has now come out in favour of another independence referendum. That is an indication of how significant are the recent events to which Dugdale is so abysmally failing to respond. The likelihood is that this will lead to a U-turn by BLiS. Which will leave them looking even more weak and vacillating. Scotland deserves better.


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6 Responses to Political paralysis

  1. Robert Pillans says:

    Completely agree with you Peter. Now, a question
    If the Scottish government bypasses Westminster and tells the Eu that Scotland wishes to remain as a continuing member, is there any way that the Eu can accept us in spite of the nonsensical decision made by England.


  2. Robert Pillans says:

    Well said Peter
    Can Scotland do a separate deal with the Eu seeking continuing membership and in the process bypass Westmonster. Also, do you think that we may gain independence by default (as it were) when this failed union implodes as it must surely do now.


  3. I’m certain the SNP prepared for both outcomes – the reason why Nicola hit the ground sprinting. Nicola is doing exactly what so many of us desperately wanted the Scottish government to do when the EU referendum result became clear.

    As for Labour in Scotland, are they seriously thinking of standing shoulder to shoulder with the Tories opposing another indyref and independence when the UK is leaderless and rudderless? Labour can’t afford that. In the recent past a policy of federalism might have helped them save face and skins, though England wouldn’t have gone for that. But now they have no option, yet are still pretending they have. Don’t they think anything through? Don’t they do long term strategies?

    This debacle has shown the true mettle of our leaders, and Nicola and thr team are the only ones to act with decision and statesmanship. An independent Scotland would be in safe hands – certainly until a new generation of Labour and others struggle to the fore. Only one road is now possible. Let’s hope the one good result from this UK debacle is that the number of those intending to vote Yes is sufficient to take us comfortably over the line.

    An added bonus for the EU will be that it gains a national leader of stature and a small country with ambitions for the welfare of all those who stay there.

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  4. jimnarlene says:

    Ignorance is BLiS.


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