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The curse of the cringe-monkey!

As the crisis deepens at Westminster, expect the British media in Scotland to redouble their efforts to embroil Holyrood in the scandal. For ‘One Nation’ British Nationalists, it doesn’t matter how bad things get down there; so long as things … Continue reading


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A union by any other name…

The recent debates in Parliament over Article 50 were disgraceful and yet, left me feeling much happier about the SNP MP’s sitting in Westminster. When I heard Mr Hoyle stating that he had been generous by ‘allowing’ the SNP to … Continue reading

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Words really do fail…

Is anyone else out there struggling to make sense of just what it means to part of the UK these days? Nicola Sturgeon on the morning of the Brexit result held a press conference to make her statement.  She looked, … Continue reading

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