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Kezia’s career

Maybe it’s just because we’ve grown so accustomed to venality and corruption within the British parties, but there’s a distinct sense here of Kezia Dugdale being bought off. One needn’t be hugely cynical to wonder what leverage Dugdale has that … Continue reading

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Maybe not so daft

It is important to understand what is going on here. And it really doesn’t have anything to do with zero-hours contracts. Richard Leonard is no more embarrassed by his rank hypocrisy on this matter than by his previous gaffes on … Continue reading

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Pissing on protocol

In politics, protocol is very important. There have to be rules of behaviour. Etiquette, if you like. Without such rules, the often complex business of politics can get very messy, and much more difficult. People have to know their place … Continue reading

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Who’s demeaning who now?

It is interesting to contrast the spittle-flecked histrionics of Neil Findlay and others of Kezia Dugdale’s ‘colleagues’ with the muted, reasonable comments from Keith Brown. I know which I regard as the more mature and appropriate. As is so often … Continue reading

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