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Who’s demeaning who now?

It is interesting to contrast the spittle-flecked histrionics of Neil Findlay and others of Kezia Dugdale’s ‘colleagues’ with the muted, reasonable comments from Keith Brown. I know which I regard as the more mature and appropriate. As is so often … Continue reading

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Variations on a theme of stupidity

We have two different knee-jerk reactions to the announcement of detailed research into fracking both seeking to push the envelope of stupidity. British Labour in Scotland MSP, Neil Findlay, instinctively resorts to lies. His claim that the SNP has “prevented … Continue reading

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Another suicide note

People hoping for British Labour in Scotland to deserve a revival will read Richard Baker’s offering over at Labour Hame and despair. Baker evinces all the follies and fallacies which have brought the pretendy wee “Scottish Labour Party” to where … Continue reading

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