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The diplomatic dance

More than a few people will doubtless be disappointed that Nicola Sturgeon isn’t taking a harder line of a second independence referendum. But this is a delicate and complex situation with many interests involved. The First Minister is quite right … Continue reading


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The blinkered Brit

What David Mundell needs to learn is that his inability to comprehend something doesn’t necessarily make it “odd”. The problem may well not be with the concept that is perplexing him, but with his own intellectual capacities. Mundell’s comments suggest … Continue reading

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No negativity

Having read the headline over Iain Macwhirter’s article in the Herald, I scoured what followed looking for some statement from Nicola Sturgeon quoted as evidence that the SNP is backing a “negative pro-EU campaign”. I wasn’t disappointed. But only because … Continue reading

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Scotland and the EU

As the recent policy paper from Friends of Europe clearly illustrates, the anti-independence campaign’s position on Scotland and the EU was (is?) totally nonsensical. It denied two things that we know about the EU – that it is expansionist, and … Continue reading

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