Brexit limbo

scotland_eu.pngDavid Davis may well be “thinking of STARTING negotiating a trade deal with the EU“. And, to the sane people, this may seem extraordinarily belated. But it’s not at all clear that any meaningful trade negotiations with any country are even possible while the UK is neither fully in nor entirely out of the EU.

With that self-serving exceptionalism that so grates on sane people, the British political elite wants the UK to be regarded as either – or perhaps both – an EU member and a third country as suits the purposes of the British state. It is very difficult to see why the EU, or anybody else, should go along with this.

Britannia may waive the rules. Others don’t have to waive back.

What should be causing sane people across the nation to share Stu Campbell’s very evident frustrated annoyance is, not the fact that the UK is only now considering trade negotiations with the EU, but that the British political elite dragged us all into the Brexit mincer either dumbly unaware or recklessly heedless of the fact that the UK would be left in a negotiating limbo; entirely dependent on the goodwill of those that Brexit was always bound to alienate and naively reliant on the graciousness of those who have no reason to serve the UK’s interests.

This frustrated annoyance is bound to afflict anyone who tries to discern some order and purpose in the pond-life twitchings and squirmings of the British government. The problem with the analysis offered here is that is assumes Davis, Fox, May and the rest are actually aware of what a “catastroshambles” Brexit is. There is little evidence of this. They all seem to suppose that everything is going quite swimmingly.

There is no plan here. There is only what can be portrayed as purposeful, and what must be blamed on others.

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