A sick and twisted ambition

Peter A Bell

ni_terror1It is difficult to fathom the attitude of the British political elite. What is the thinking behind their evident disdain for the Good Friday Agreement? What is the supposed gain which is deemed to be worth the possibility of reigniting bloody conflict in Northern Ireland? What is the ‘end-game’? What is the ultimate objective?

Assuming that those driving the Brexit process have some destination in mind – even if they lack any evident plan for getting there – what might that place look like? Given the huge risks that they are prepared to take, and the sacrifices that they are demanding of all of us, what end could possibly justify the means? What vision so enchants the Mad Brexiteers that they will gamble all to achieve it? What siren song lures them so irresistibly to the rocks and reefs of Brexit?

What manner of ‘Promised Land’ do British Nationalists…

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About Peter A Bell

Thinker. Listener. Talker. Reader. Writer. No attitude immutable. No conclusion final. No opinion humble. Lifelong campaigner for the restoration of Scotland's independence.
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