Petulant children and mindless vandals

Peter A Bell

James Kelly MSP James Kelly MSP – Petulant child? Or mindless vandal?

When Alex Salmond talks about the way the British parties at Holyrood are behaving in relation to the Offensive Behaviour at Football Act (OBFA) his anger is genuine, palpable and fully justified. He allows his emotions to show to an extent which is rare in politicians. I think that is very much to his credit.

We should all be angry about this. Regardless of what interest we have in football; or our political or religious affiliation; or even any informed and considered opinion of the legislation, we should all be outraged by the way British Labour in Scotland (BLiS), in particular, has sought to exploit the issue solely to satisfy a base and vulgar urge to land some sort of blow on the SNP.

This has nothing whatever to do with whether or not OBFA is effective as a weapon in…

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2 Responses to Petulant children and mindless vandals

  1. Politically, I’m an Irish citizen, an Irish nationalist, and a proud resident of a Scotland on the cusp of the independence which Scotland’s Irish cousins achieved (with a lot more effort by the way) about 100 years ago, and after a much longer period of subjugation than Scotland has endured.

    But emotionally I’m inclusive. I don’t hate people who don’t share my beliefs. I don’t sing hateful sectarian songs. I strive to think positive, not negative. If Scotland loses its EU residents from the rest of Europe, we’re sunk. The same applies to those Scottish residents who happened to be born somewhere on the island of Ireland, north or south. We’re the ones who built the infrastructure, who maintained the public services, including those who staffed the NHS, alongside the indigenous Scots. A lot of us have Scottish ancestors, of course. We’re all the same people. We’re all Europeans. Indeed we’re all worldwide humans.

    Most of us — if we’re truthful — don’t subscribe to any particular religion. Most of us, if put to the test, would have a great and salutary difficulty in specifying in what way ‘Protestant Christianity’ differs from ‘Roman Catholic Christianity’. As if that matters a whit!

    What is the big thing dividing us, especially here in Glasgow? Football?!!

    Ask the question again. A wee ball rolling about a field. It’s a cause for hatred and division which trumps fairness, equality, fraternity… even liberty. And it’s football?!!

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  2. On a more rational note than that of my last post, I’d draw a parallel with the legislation which made public spaces much more comfortable, pleasanter, and healthier for us non-smokers. Anti-smoking legislation didn’t stop determined smokers, but it prevented them from harming those around them who chose not to join in their unhealthy habit. It changed or confirmed public attitudes. The OBFA is an exact parallel. I’m sure there were laws around at the time the smoking legislation was passed which could have been used to prosecute smokers who blew smoke in my face, but they would have been difficult to use. Sectarian behaviour in football grounds is the smoke in my face!

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