Stirring it up

Peter A Bell

I see the normally quite sensible Iain Macwhirter is getting his boxers in a brouhaha about Police Scotland. We have to assume he isn’t aiming for measured tones when he declares that Scotland’s police service “seems to have abandoned any concept of natural justice”. Or when he accuses Police Scotland of “institutional dysfunctionality”. And when he likens Scottish law enforcement to the Cosa Nostra the thought occurs that he might usefully have switched to decaff a while back.

Nobody really expects Gordon Brewer to be sensible. Over on the broadcast arm of the British state’s propaganda machine, he was intent on outdoing Macwhirter in terms of undergarment turmoil; and frantically trying to provoke Kenny MacAskill to join him in a bout of histrionic outrage. But, much to Gordon’s very evident frustration, the former Justice Secretary declined to play along. His knickers were not for knotting.

Mr MacAskill is to be congratulated for so ably…

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