Watching the defectives

Regardless of the facts of the matter, the hectoring tone of Pamela Nash’s remarks to Bob Posner, the Electoral Commission’s director of political finance and regulation and legal counsel, surely says something about the nature of Scotland in Union (SiU) as an organisation. As does their spokesman’s response, seeking to blame SiU’s woes on the SNP.

The statement from David Clews, meanwhile, suggests that however little British Nationalist fanatics know (or care?) about electoral law, they have at least a rudimentary knowledge of how to work the media. The stuff about the police bringing a battering ram when they raided his house is an attempt to dramatise the mundane. I would be surprised if the police didn’t go equipped to effect a forced entry. The fact that they had a battering ram is probably no more than standard operating procedure. It’s only relevant if they used it. Which they didn’t.

What really made me boak, however, was the way Clews dragged his wife and child into it, blatantly exploiting them in an effort to win sympathy. That’s not nice.

But these people are not nice. Scotland in Union and its ilk draw their support from the extreme fringes of British Nationalism. They may look comical. But we should not be complacent. The sense of self-righteous entitlement that we glean from Pamela Nash’s contemptuous and bullying tone when addressing the Electoral Commission is symptomatic of a fervent conviction of the ordained superiority the British state. A near-religious belief in British exceptionalism that allows the faithful to rationalise any conduct in the name of preserving the established structures of power, privilege and patronage.

That kind of fanaticism is always potentially very dangerous. Personally, I take some comfort from knowing that the authorities are keeping an eye on this British Nationalist rabble.

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1 Response to Watching the defectives

  1. grizebard says:

    Alas, the attitude of the British authorities does appear to be quite different depending on which version of BritNat they are dealing with. The Neanderthal rabble (with due apologies to Neanderthals, who seem to have been quite caring, actually) get a heavy hand, but the toffs of SiU get a free pass, or so it would seem. A whopping third overspend at the last UKGE at which the SNP took a heavy hit, yet SiU are given the “all-clear” with an airy wave of the Electoral Commission hand.

    It’s high time that someone, somewhere, in the BritNat Party ended up doing jail time for playing fast-and-loose with election spending, instead of all these weaselly excuses about leaflets printed but not distributed. etc., etc. that are lamely swallowed wholesale by the responsible authorities. It’s not just outright thuggery that is a serious danger to democracy.


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