They just don’t care

I don’t even have to look at these supposed alternative budget proposals from British Labour in Scotland (BLiS). It’s enough that they hadn’t even bothered preparing any proposals in advance. Almost as if they weren’t even aware that budget time was coming round again, as it does every year. That terrible Derek Mackay took them ny surprise and didn’t leave them “adequate time” to do the job we’re paying them to do.

This latest BLiS fiasco isn’t just another example of their ineptitude, it is further evidence of their contempt for the Scottish Parliament and, by ineluctable extension, the people of Scotland who elect that Parliament. The simple truth is that they just didn’t bother. They didn’t consider it important enough. They were too preoccupied with internal squabbling and the undignified scrabble for crumbs off the British political elite’s table to attend to their duties as MSPs.

Why would I pay any attention to a ‘plan’ BLiS have cobbled together at the last minute simply to give the British media something to portray as a ‘radical’ alternative to the budget Derek Mackay and his team have been working on for a year or more? I know the media will put a positive spin on it regardless of the content. BLiS could have emailed them a few pages ripped out of the phone book and the Daily Record would report it as a ‘blow’ to the SNP. They could have Richard Leonard and James Kelly perform the ‘Dead Parrot’ sketch on BBC Scotland confident that nobody would ask them what any of that has to do with Scotland’s economy.

Because, of course, the British media in Scotland have no more respect for our Parliament than do the British political parties at Holyrood. Increasingly, these representative of the British establishment are treating the democratically elected Scottish Parliament as a troublesome irrelevance. Almost as if they didn’t expect it to be there much longer.

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2 Responses to They just don’t care

  1. jamescaine709 says:

    The British Nationalist mainstream media and the British Nationalist parties, I will no longer call them Unionists as Union implies a partnership which the United Kingdom certainly is not, have just two objectives in Scotland now. The destruction of the Scottish Government and the dissolution of Holyrood. I firmly believe this now.

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  2. daibhidhdeux says:

    Seconded, James. They are simply and hubristically marking time at the moment in anticipation of forming a British puppet administration in a hollow shell – a variation even more acquiescent to the will of a foreign power than Petain’s Vichy France.

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