Cuckoo in the nest

Scotland has a Parliament – democratically elected by means of an electoral system which, for all its faults, works fairly well to ensure proportional representation.

Scotland has a Government – democratically elected by the people of Scotland and trusted enough as an administration to have remained in office for over ten years.

Only the Scottish Parliament has democratic legitimacy in Scotland.

Only the Scottish Government has a mandate from the people of Scotland.

David Mundell was not elected to the Scottish Parliament. He has no claim on the democratic legitimacy of our Parliament.

David Mundell is not part of the Scottish Government. He has no mandate to represent Scotland.

David Mundell is a British cuckoo in the nest of Scottish democracy.

Scotland has a Parliament. Scotland has a Government. Scotland has political leaders with the democratic authority to speak for Scotland’s people.

We don’t need David Mundell. We need politicians whose allegiance is to the people of Scotland, not the vested interests of the British state.

We don’t need the British government. We need a government that is elected by, and fully accountable to, the people of Scotland.

We don’t need Westminster. We need a parliament that is capable of representing the needs, priorities and aspirations of Scotland’s people.

We must bring our government home. We must restore Scotland’s independence.


About Peter A Bell

Thinker. Listener. Talker. Reader. Writer. No attitude immutable. No conclusion final. No opinion humble. Lifelong campaigner for the restoration of Scotland's independence.
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