Onwards and upwards…

Well, overall I thought 2017 gave us quite a few insights.

The Scottish office of the Westminster Party’s all offer nothing to Scotland.  Ruth is as vacuous as ever (and still has a face for everyone).  Labour elected another new leader…oh dear.  The LibDems continue to be their normal weary-willie selves.  I still don’t trust the Scottish Green Party, Ross Greer comes across as an opportunistic chancer.  The SNP however, I think have had a very good year.  Scotland’s NHS is the beat performing in the so-called UK, ScotRail is a top performer too.  Let’s not forget the new bridge either.  Not only is it stunning to look at but, it came in under budget and on time.  Now the SNP need to sort out education, and I believe that they will.

So, 2018, what’s going to happen?

The big question is will this be the year that the SNP call the second referendum for independence?  If they do, then the case for Yes needs to be strong, positive and above all else, it must stand up to scrutiny and leave no doubt in anyone’s mind.  Can that be done?  I believe so.  However, what I will say to all Yes voters is that if you want independence, really want it, then you’re going to have to get behind the SNP.  No other Party is capable or able to deliver independence but them.  Once independence is gained, you vote for whoever you like, it won’t matter who, because it will be Scotland’s government and only Scotland’s government calling the shots.

As for those who are British but have Scottish accents we’ve seen their true colours.  They prefer subservience to an incompetent English (yes English) government that is hell-bent on destroying the country to suit a large minority of racists and  Europhiles. Brexit, remember Scotland voted to stay in the EU, will really hurt Scotland.  They might be happy with that, I am not.

Let’s seal that Yes vote!  Prepare now!

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3 Responses to Onwards and upwards…

  1. Chris Pacey says:

    With you on all of that, David.


  2. TSD says:

    Reblogged this on Ramblings of a 50+ Female.


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