Standing up! Speaking out!

mike_russellI suspect I am far from alone in welcoming Mike Russell‘s explicit acknowledgement of the threat posed to Scotland by the pernicious ‘One Nation’ British Nationalist ideology which has gripped the ruling elites of the British state. Like myself, many in Scotland will be delighted by his forthright denunciation of the fervent ‘Little Englanders’ whose brazen dishonesty in the EU referendum campaign rivalled the unprincipled propaganda of Better Together/Project Fear.

We urgently need some straight talking from Scottish Ministers. The threat to Scotland’s food and drink brands is real and imminent. And, as Mike Russell recognises, it is symptomatic of a much larger threat to Scotland’s distinctive political culture and to our very existence as a nation.

What is the democratically elected Scottish Government for if not to defend Scotland against such threats? What is the Scottish Parliament for if not to represent the sovereign will of Scotland’s people?

The ‘Greater England’ project of the 18th and 19th centuries was never successful. Scotland’s identity as a nation proved to be too robust and resilient. But the imperialist ambitions of the British ruling elite were never entirely abandoned, and have now been revived in a new wave of ugly, isolationist, exceptionalist, nativist British Nationalism.

We must demand that our elected representatives take a stand against this threat. And we must stand with them, defiant and determined, in defence, not only of Scotland the brand, but of Scotland the nation.

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