Who’s fooling who now?

I wonder how many people are foolish enough to be taken in by this latest bit of clumsy politicking from the British government. I wonder how many have the wits to realise that the VAT charges affecting Scotland’s emergency services were never justified. That imposing those charges was always just another device by which the British establishment sought to undermine the democratically elected Scottish Government. That the the charges were always going to be ‘reviewed’ due to unrelenting pressure from the SNP administration and that crediting the British Tories from Scotland is no more than a blatant attempt to promote Ruth Davidson using Scottish taxpayers’ money.

British Nationalists will, of course show their usual eagerness to be duped. It doesn’t matter how inept and transparent the ploy, anti-democratic BritNats will seize on anything that serves the project to delegitimise Scotland’s democratic institutions. But those not afflicted by this blind devotion to the ruling elites of the British state may be less inclined to be deceived.

Increasingly, people in Scotland are questioning the propaganda. They are getting wise to the ways in which the British media spin stories to serve the British state’s agenda. They will wonder what evidence there is of any lobbying from those ‘Scottish’ Tories. They will wonder why this supposed lobbying has only now had any effect. They will wonder why, if Ruth Davidson felt as strongly as we’re asked to believe she does about the injustice of the VAT charges, she didn’t throw her weight behind Scottish Government efforts to have the situation rectified.

People will also be asking themselves why, if they have the influence claimed, Ruth’s rabble hasn’t demanded a full refund of the £140m already extorted from Scotland’s emergency services by the British state.

British arrogance is such that they think they can get away with anything and bids them believe they are superlatively clever and devious when, in fact, they really aren’t. They’re fooling nobody except those who desperately want to be fooled.

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2 Responses to Who’s fooling who now?

  1. TSD says:

    Reblogged this on Ramblings of a 50+ Female.

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  2. jdman says:

    None so blind as those who WILL NOT see!


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