Who’s demeaning who now?

It is interesting to contrast the spittle-flecked histrionics of Neil Findlay and others of Kezia Dugdale’s ‘colleagues’ with the muted, reasonable comments from Keith Brown. I know which I regard as the more mature and appropriate.

As is so often the case in politics, the ‘supporting acts’ are more intriguing than the headliners. The fact that Kezia Dugdale is off to demean herself for financial or egotistical reasons is far less interesting than the new branch office manager for British Labour in Scotland (BLiS) getting his first slap-down from his bosses in London within hours of taking up the poisoned chalice recently thrust aside by Ms Dugdale in favour of the gastronomic delights of a cuisine reputedly based entirely on the gonads of large Australian marsupials.

I say ‘reputedly’ because I have never personally witnessed the televised consumption of kangaroo’s danglers. I remain steadfast in my resolve never to grace ‘I Want To Be A Celebrity Get Me On The Telly’, or its like, with one instant of my attention. I’ll eat my own bollocks before I ever watch programming designed to suck the intellect out of its audience.

It may be that, having held the precarious office she did, Kezia Dugdale feels she has no more dignity to squander. This would be understandable in light of the casual manner in which Jeremy Corbyn humiliated his newly installed minion in the northy bits of ‘One Nation’ Britain. No sooner had Richard Leonard mentioned the possibility of Dugdale being disciplined for her extra-curricular frolics than his master’s voice retorted that fully autonomous ‘Scottish labour’ would do as it was told and leave her alone.

Mind you, Leonard can hardly complain about being humbled by head office when he launched his tenuous tenure as BLiS’s leader-like person by mortifying himself with an arse-clenchingly embarrassing attempt to claim credit for the deal which saved BiFarb.

And there we have another contrast. The sharp distinction between the clownish bandwagon-jumping of BLiS and the day-job diligence of Nicola Sturgeon’s administration. I know which I prefer.

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1 Response to Who’s demeaning who now?

  1. Neil Macowan says:

    For “clownish bandwagon-jumping”, how about the agenda-driven Corbyn-bashing? The dug is a waste of space, good riddance to her.


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