A wondrous epiphany

As both my regular readers will be aware, I have previously castigated – as gently as I might – both Tommy Sheppard and Pete Wishart for their ideas about the timing of a new independence referendum. The notion that the vote could be put off until 2021 or later was always the height of folly. If these gentlemen now want to attribute changes in their thinking to the political landscape shifting on Brexit, I’m content to go along with that. This is too important a matter to be disputing such details.

I don’t even want to know what it is that they imagine has shifted so dramatically as to cause this change in their thinking. I look at the whole Brexit fiasco and I see the same Brexit fiasco I was looking at last year at this time. It’s a year older. But it has matured not one jot. I can’t even make some smart-arse comment about it actually having regressed. Because the whole Brexit fiasco was never at any time in a place where regression was meaningful – or even measurable.

But if Messrs Sheppard and Wishart want to claim that the British political elite’s behaviour has moved from moronic to sub-moronic, what might be gained from disputing the point?

It is time to move on from debating the scheduling of the new poll. We all know it’s going to be Thursday 20 September 2018. Or, at least, we all do now that Tommy and Peter have received the memo. What we should be discussing now is, not the date of the referendum, but how we go about ensuring the most emphatic Yes vote possible – plus one! For me, this is as clear as the fact that the referendum has to be held in September next year.

But let’s leave that for another day. Today, let’s just celebrate the wondrous epiphany enjoyed by Tommy Sheppard and Pete Wishart.

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3 Responses to A wondrous epiphany

  1. Elaine says:

    Very well said Peter, I too struggle to see what has changed as far as Brexit is concerned, it’s still the same shambles and it’s only going to get worse.
    Indyref 2 should be held in the Autumn of 2018. It’s the perfect time, to wait until 2021 would be utter suicide for Scotland..

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  2. broadbield says:

    It’s got to be good that 2 prominent members have changed their minds. But there may be a danger in holding the referendum before some of the effects of Brexit have come to full fruition. There are still plenty of people who think it’s all going to be hunky-dory, if not better than that and the UK will steam ahead into the great blue yonder, free at last and that UK workers will suddenly find the prospect of picking fruit, or cleaning up vomit in A&E just irresistible, while money from kleptocratic Russia or plutocratic China will flood in to fill the investment void and we’ll all live happily ever after in Brigadoon.

    But yes, the important matter is to develop a winning strategy.

    (by the way, you may now have as many as 4 readers)


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