RT or not RT…

…that is the question.

The sight and sound or tweets of Unionists frothing at the mouth over Alex Salmond’s TV show being shown on the RT News channel has been; churlish, childish and just downright comical.    The likes of Ruth Davidson and Patrick Harvie have shown themselves to be very hypocritical on this issue.  Davidson has been on the channel and I would like to hear from Patrick Harvie why it’s OK for Caroline Lucas to be on RT but not Salmond?  I didn’t really trust the Scottish Greens before, but it’s even less now.  They are doing themselves no favours at all.

To finally see Mr Salmond on a Talk show where the Unionist propaganda machines can’t touch him is going to be interesting.  Personally, I think the thought of this show being broadcast outwith their control has the Unionist media running scared.  I’m not sure why because if they have been doing their job properly they have always been truthful and worked with integrity, no?


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