The alternative

With the complete lack of self-awareness which is the hallmark of the true British Nationalist fanatic, Tom Gordon demonstrates why it is not only right, but essential that Alex Salmond does this TV programme. The arguments about whether it is appropriate to use RT are totally irrelevant. It’s all there is. No broadcaster beholden to the British state is going to allow Scotland’s Yes movement the means to communicate its message directly to the people of Scotland. The real issue here; the issue that’s being obscured by the bitter, vituperative hysteria of British ‘journalists’ like Tom Gordon, is the fact that a lawful, peaceful, democratic movement supported by around half the people of Scotland is denied fair access to the media.

The pertinent question is, not why Salmond is doing his show on a Russian-owned TV channel, but why he is prevented from doing it on any channel controlled by the British establishment.

Of course, Tom Gordon and his ilk would never even think to ask such a question. Which is why, when referring to their profession, the term ‘journalist’ must be placed in quotes. Because the question is the most fundamental tool of the genuine professional journalist. Anyone who assiduously avoids questions which might prove awkward for established power is not practising journalism. They are merely propagandising on behalf of established power. They are protecting established power. And this is true whether they are in the pay of RT or the BBC or the Sunday Herald.

Established power must be challenged in a democracy. There can be no functioning democracy where there is no means, or capacity, or will, to challenge established power.

Alex Salmond has the will to challenge the British state. He also has the capacity. Which is precisely why the British establishment denies him the means. And why British Nationalists are roused to such a frenzy of fearful fury when he acquires the means.

Complaints that Salmond may be self-regarding and self-important and self-aggrandising miss the point about the person every bit as much as the shrill denunciations of RT miss the point about the means. It is precisely Salmond’s nature that makes him willing and able to confront the might of the British state’s propaganda machine.

Tom Gordon’s is the voice of the British state. The voice of the ruling elites. He speaks for the structures of power, privilege and patronage which define the British state. That cannot be the only voice we are permitted to hear. For the sake of democracy, there must be an alternative. How else might people even become aware that they have a choice? Arguably, no individual is better placed to be that alternative voice. Certainly, no British broadcaster is going to facilitate that voice being heard.

It has to be done. It has to be Alex Salmond. It has to be RT.

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4 Responses to The alternative

  1. A precise dissection of British Nationalist hypocrisy! The same Alex Salmond exposed the British anti-democratic streak in microcosm a few years back at Wimbledon. Wimbledon where Butcher’s-Apron flags large and small are being displayed and waved right left and centre by all sorts and conditions. But one lone Scottish St Andrew’s flag — how dare he! The anger it provoked demonstrated the double standard. All he was saying, visually, was that the hero of Wimbledon was a Scot, not some homogenised all-purpose Brit. That was the truth, and the truth provoked fury.

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  2. TSD says:

    Reblogged this on Ramblings of a 50+ Female and commented:
    “The pertinent question is, not why Salmond is doing his show on a Russian-owned TV channel, but why he is prevented from doing it on any channel controlled by the British establishment.”

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  3. I will settle for nothing less than Independence, Peter, and I suspect that over half the citizens of Scotland are with us on that one.
    Unlike Unionist Remainers who abandon all principles, 62% of their fellow citizens voted Remain, while the Red Blue and Yellow Tories declare that ‘the British people voted to leave’, I will not rest until we Scots ,in an independent nation, decide on EU membership.
    Do Mundell and Davidson really think that we are just going to give up, and accept English rule?
    Tom Gordon and Co are brainwashed Fifth Columnists. He’s still wearing the slate grey suit he sported when he was a BB Captain, or so it seems from his Herald Britland portrait.
    He was born a Brit Unionist and knows no other way.
    I will not be dragged out of Europe and imprisoned in my own country by and English ‘overlord’ or his Scottish lackeys.
    No more.
    Looking forward to AS venting his considerable spleen.


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