Democracy cannot be declared illegal!

Those rationalising Fascist brutality in Catalonia on the grounds that the Spanish state had declared exercise of the fundamental democratic right of self-determination illegal might, to whatever extent they are capable, reflect on a few facts.

Around 80 years ago, in Germany and other European countries, Jews, Blacks and Roma could not be civil servants. It was ILLEGAL.

They could not be lawyers. It was ILLEGAL.

They could not hold editorial posts. It was ILLEGAL.

They could not be officers in the armed forces. It was ILLEGAL.

They could not be teachers, veterinarians, midwives or tax consultants. It was ILLEGAL.

They could not change their names. It was ILLEGAL.

They could not use health spas. It was ILLEGAL.

They could not own or operate a business. It was ILLEGAL.

They were prohibited from keeping carrier pigeons. It was ILLEGAL.

They could not own gems or precious metals. It was ILLEGAL.

They could not buy tickets for the state lottery. It was ILLEGAL.

They could not be citizens and could not vote. It was ILLEGAL.

The law exists to serve democracy. When the law is turned against democracy, decent people who value their civil and human rights have a duty to resist.

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1 Response to Democracy cannot be declared illegal!

  1. daibhidhdeux says:

    There are fundamental, inalienable human rights and duties which over-ride the transient pettiness of reductionist legalism – universal principles which should not admit of cockroach attempts by the legal equivalent of the penny pinching accountancy of the bean counters: These professionals are there to serve. They are not in their privileged positions to dictate to their fellow human beings in pursuit of natural justice unless they err from the aforesaid universal principles and duties enshrined in international charters and law. They betray their vocation if they do so and in full conscience consciously kent, or via moral and professional timidity, fall into the trap of also advocating on behalf of a tyrant couching his or her despotism in ju ju legalese in order to weasel word their gangster bosses out of their gross, criminal violations (recent Catalan events simply an add on to the historically countless, and God forgive ye BritNat Labourites for your craven apologias on behalf of the thuggish actions of the neo-Francoist, Conquistadore, imperialist Spanish state – you are quislings by dint of your apologist behavior and vile calumnies and silence).

    Our Catalan confreres, and Kurdish cousins, have been resilient and courageous. The Galicians. Our Irish twins, too. Many others.

    It is time the Scots step back up to the plate at a time of our choosing and abrogate this false Treaty of Union (an English/JockBrit masquerade).

    No doubt the FM and ScotGov are preparing.

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