Leaving the circus?

Scottish Labour erupts into civil war after Rowley gaffe leads to attack on ‘latest Jackie Baillie pish’

This is all very amusing. Or it would be if we were not already weary of the longest-running farce in Scottish politics. A comedy of errors billed as ‘Scottish Labour’, but better known among aficionados of the theatre of travesty as British Labour in Scotland (BLiS). A veritable cavalcade of clowns, all vying to out-blunder each other.

There’s only so many pratfalls and eye-pokes the audience can take before they tire of it. There’s only so many times the public can be promised a bucket of tinsel only to find themselves drenched in gunge. There’s a point at which the wheels falling off the clown car stops being artful and amusing and becomes tedious and tragic.

Not even the appearance on stage of auguste extraordinaire Alex Rowley can save this show. Especially when the master of political slapstick is upstaged by the guy who puts up the posters.

The only performance of note in this latest episode of BLiS pie-flinging comes from former high-flyer, Kezia Dugdale. It’s too soon to tell. But some of the lines this one-time star of the ‘Scottish Labour’ circus has been coming out with could just possibly hint that she is thinking about wiping off the greasepaint and trying her hand at some serious acting. If one of her fellow-performers doesn’t trip her up first.

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1 Response to Leaving the circus?

  1. twathater says:

    The truly unfortunate thing about this shower of incompetent clowns is whilst they are fighting like RATS in a sack instead of doing the day job for which they are paid , Scottish citizens are facing ever more austerity from their partners in crime in wastemonster

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