Common claptrap!

What do we want?

Whatever the focus group says we want!

When do we want it?

Whenever the focus groups says we want it!

What the hell kind of campaigning is this? The point of campaigning is to change people’s minds, not pander to their prejudices, preconceptions and fallacies. If people really are saying is that they don’t want a referendum this year or next then the task of the Yes movement is to explain to them why postponing the referendum beyond September 2018 is a very, very bad idea.

Our job is to challenge the propaganda that misinforms and misleads. Our job is to persuade people. Otherwise, what is the point of us? What people are telling us is what has been put in their minds by the British state’s propaganda machine. If we allow ourselves to be instructed by this rather than try to rectify it, what is the point of the Yes movement?

If the Yes movement is no more than whatever the most recent focus group says it is, what use is it? Where are its foundation? Do we stand on the solid ground of a just cause? Or are we perched on the precarious sands of manipulated public perception?

If we are motivated solely by dumb obedience to the dictates of the ‘latest independent research’, then what unites us? What is our common purpose? Is the Yes campaign guided by fundamental principles of democracy? Or is it led by clipboard-wielding, box-ticking technocrats?

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About Peter A Bell

Thinker. Listener. Talker. Reader. Writer. No attitude immutable. No conclusion final. No opinion humble. Lifelong campaigner for the restoration of Scotland's independence.
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3 Responses to Common claptrap!

  1. John says:

    Thing is Peter, is it not good that you now know you need to do this? No one is an island and your view and the view of Common Weal all inform the strategy. No company launches a product without determining whether the consumer wants it? Being product led is largely a recipe for disaster. Common Weal has identified attitudes, they are wrong in their approach to dealing with their findings so now over to you and your art of persuasion.


  2. daibhidhdeux says:

    Wonder where this approach would have left Alexander Fleming and penicillin?

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  3. Absolutely agree. Common Weal do not speak for us or indeed determine how we should deal with the nae sayers. We are a coming together of people from all walks of life in Scotland with a purpose to achieve independence not get a gold star ⭐️ on etiquette.

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