British! Not Scottish!

David Mundell is NOT “Scotland’s representative in the UK cabinet“. He is the British state’s representative in Scotland. His absence from from the meeting to discuss the ludicrous demands that Theresa May’s is presenting to the EU is of no significance whatever to Scotland because Mundell does not – indeed cannot – represent Scotland’s interests.

He is NOT a Scottish politician – other than in the tenuous sense that he was elected in a Scottish constituency. He is a British politician. He represents the interests of the British state.

Just as he does not represent Scotland’s interests in such as the Brexit talks, neither can he be relied upon to represent Scotland in trade talks. Bear in mind that this is an individual who, only a few years ago, was a leading figure in the British nationalist cabal which sought to deter inward investment to Scotland and threatened vicious – and almost certainly illegal – economic sanctions if the people of Scotland dared to vote Yes. A cabal which continues to talk Scotland down at every contrived opportunity. A cabal bent on undermining our democratic institutions and eradicating our distinctive political culture.

David Mundell is no friend to Scotland. He will gladly sacrifice us on the altar of imperious ‘One Nation’ British Nationalism. His imperative is ‘The Union At Any Cost’. And if that cost is everything that we hold dear about our country, he will consider his job well done. and his masters well served.

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1 Response to British! Not Scottish!

  1. John says:

    He is also a man who is so clearly out of his depth and so bereft of talent or scruples that he can’t help but present a blubbering fool.


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