Options are better than plans

“The Scottish First Minister shelved plans for a second independence referendum…”

What plans for a second independence referendum? Describe those plans. What was the planned date? What was the planned question? What were any details of this plan?

If I want to read this kind of ill-informed pish I’ll go to The Scotsman. I come to The National hoping and expecting to find reporting and commentary that challenges the cosy consensus of the British media.

The reality is that there was no “plan” for a new referendum. There was merely an acknowledgement of the blindingly obvious fact that there would have to be a new referendum at some time.

Nobody, other than mindless British nationalist fanatics, believes that the constitutional issue was settled in 2014 by a No vote won on a totally false prospectus. Nobody, other than those same anti-democratic ideologues, denies the ‘material change’ represented by developments since the first independence referendum. But there was no “plan” to be “shelved” following the supposed “setback” of winning yet another election, with more seats than all the British parties put together.

And there is still no plan. What Nicola Sturgeon has is something far more valuable. Options!

Most of these options relate, not to the scheduling of the new referendum – which we know must be September 2018, or to the minutiae of the arrangements – which has all been done before, but to the timing of the announcement which will launch the campaign.

The stuff about ‘shelved plans’ is the narrative presented by the British state’s propaganda machine. If The National can’t offer something a bit more sophisticated, what is the point of it?

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