The problem with being Scottish…

I have to admit that over the summer I took an extended break from the news and politics.  I almost sent an email to Peter letting him know that I was going to stop writing here as I was increasingly getting frustrated and annoyed at my attitudes coming out of my country.  In all honesty, I thought that living in England I was still just a bit too far removed from it all that I really shouldn’t be contributing here…after-all, who am I to be pro-independence and yet not living there myself?

However, it happened!

The bridge.

Only in Scotland could we have other parts of the world praising something that we built and yet we’ll criticise it.  The same old faces made the same old noises; ‘it’s not our steel that made it’ yadda yadda yadda.  Is it me or have Unionist Journalists become pretty much one trick ponies:  too wee , too poor etc?

I genuinely believe that the heart and soul of Scotland is at stake here.  I say that without any hint of me trying to be melodramatic.  I don’t want a Scotland that still tolerates religious bigotry.  I don’t want a Scotland that is timid and always looking to blame its woes on someone else.  Scotland is so much better than that, she deserves more than that, and that is why I have decided to keep at this and attempt to contribute a hell of a lot more than I have been doing.

Stand with us!

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7 Responses to The problem with being Scottish…

  1. Unionists attitudes are very dispiriting, and their constant belittling and carping saps energy and drains the capacity to think positively. Of course it’s done on purpose. It’s only if we feel worthless and defeated can they hold sway over us, so they need to keep up the misinformation, spin and lies that make us out to be uniquely incapable of running our own affairs.

    It does become depressing, and taking time away is the best antidote. With mind refreshed new ideas spring up along with renewed determination that we won’t be cowed or beaten. We need to get back in the fray and keep at it. After all, it’s because others did that in years past that the SNP holds the position it is in today and independence is nearer than ever before.

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  2. bri888 says:

    Keep repeating – Independence is coming, Independence is coming, Independence is coming, Independen…………

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  3. Union Propaganda the fact that we did somthing on our own pi#### them off we Built and payed for with no help from the other side all Scottish Money


  4. Janet Docherty says:

    Ditto Independence is coming ,Independence is coming,soon ???

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  5. Kate Meyer says:

    I live in hope that Independence is coming but hae my doubts. The constant negativity from the mainstream media about all things Scotland is beginning to erode my feelings of worthiness as Scottish human being.


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