Enough of this preachy shite!

Strange, is it not, that we rarely if ever hear anybody claim that being abusive and obnoxious will put people off voting No. The Ross Greers and the Cat Boyds and the Lesley Riddochs and the Angela Haggertys and the Robin McAlpines all regularly mount their virtual pulpits to berate the ordinary folks of the Yes movement on their sinful ways. And now Carolyn Leckie joins the ranks of this priesthood of righteous radicals lecturing us about how we’re doing it all wrong. But British nationalism’s posse of amateur propagandists isn’t subject to the same preachiness.

Apparently, we’re all talking to the wrong people, about the wrong things, in the wrong places, at the wrong times. Most unforgivably of all, we’re talking in the wrong way. We’re using the wrong language. We’re not using the approved form of words.

Like an army of dour, dust-dry and domineering dominies, these self-appointed gatekeepers of the cause and guardians of the one true word loom over us, crow black and brimming with cant. Armed with the tawse of intolerance and the waggy finger of denunciation, they pursue their joyless mission to purify the Yes movement. To drive out the demons of honest anger and robust rhetoric. To criticise, castigate and condemn those who do not conform to their notions of what is fit and proper.

According to this tutting, clucking clique, we must constantly walk on eggshells. We must treat the population of Scotland as if it were a collection of delicate hot-house flowers poised to wither and wilt if we utter a word out of place. Which is problematic for anybody who wishes to engage on behalf of the independence campaign because it seems that pretty much anything we say is likely to be denounced for bringing the Yes campaign into disrepute. The list of expressions which are liable to put people off voting Yes is apparently endless.

So isn’t it odd that there is no equivalent list of words that are likely to dissuade people from voting No? The prevailing convention seems to be that British nationalists are free to be as “abusive and obnoxious” as they wish, while those who write and speak on behalf of the independence cause are constrained by rigid rules. We are subject to proscriptions defined and dictated by our opponents but enforced by a pompously censorious elite within the Yes movement.

What towering arrogance is it that declares a perspective invalid just because the terms in which it is expressed are disapproved of? Much of the commentary being hysterically denounced as improper by the British state’s propaganda apparatus and Yes movement’s self-deputised internal police force is, for many if not most of us, the language of everyday discourse. It’s just the way we talk.

I’ve a wee message for what somebody very aptly termed the “Holy Wolfie Smiths of the Byres Road Cappuccino Commie set”.

Don’t dare tell people their views are not legitimate for no better reason than that they choose to deploy the odd expletive!

Don’t presume to belittle and denigrate those who may be expressing themselves in the only way they know how!

Don’t dismiss perfectly justifiable anger at injustice just because it resorts to a limited vocabulary!

Don’t ever try to exclude people on the grounds that don’t meet some arbitrary standard of erudition!

And for f*** sake stop feeding the totally contrived British nationalist narrative of ‘cybernat abuse’. That, as much as your high-minded moralising, is what really might undermine the broad and inclusive Yes movement.

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About Peter A Bell

Thinker. Listener. Talker. Reader. Writer. None of my attitudes are immutable. None of my conclusions are final. None of my opinions are humble.
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12 Responses to Enough of this preachy shite!

  1. Laura Dunbar says:

    Now that just fair cheered me up !

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  2. mrs carol murphy says:

    Absolutely correct!

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  3. Right on, Peter! Like many of us I sense a growing frustration with the thought police and wibbly-wobblers when what we need is more like yourself who will take the gloves off and say it like it needs saying.

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  4. daibhidhdeux says:

    Bang on the bobbin and Robin et sanctimonious al: A collective of back-scratching, Holy Wullies attempting to outdo each other in the pews at the front of their right on Union Lite worshipping, complicit temple with Pharisee unctuous collective physog nodding like those wee toy dugs on the back sill of a motorcar as they mindlessly chant Hassanesque – of the Gerrymandering style – wannabe but cliched ‘profundities’ at the great Jock unwashed.

    Meaningless mantras to soothe their opportunistic souls.

    Id est, I suspect it must really piss them off that the Scots citizenry are sovereign and that their cabal is, ultimately, an irrelevancy in the democratic scale of things in Scotland: A “hay”, lapsang souchon tea well spoiled for them at the hellish prospect of of the aforesaid Jock unwashed dictating the pace and declaring them, lock stock and barrel, redundant.

    “Thus, “it’s no fair, Mammy” their wailing, joint, whining complaint over their lattes, vino verdes, and half pints of angst ridden craft beers in the Ubiquitous Chip and similar open-toed, hand-knitted sandal venues nodding sagely at the drivel of Bateman, McWhirter, Kevo MacKenna and the rest of the pontificating petty bourgeois, faux intellectual brigade of aspiring Girondists evacuating into their underwear at the prospect of the plebian Scots Jacobins dictating the democratic pace with vulgar notions of popular sovereign self- determination: Aaarrrggghhh… the very notion of that “commotion” would give them carnaptions apropos the near certitude of their fall into their rightful pit of obscurity and they can’t, smugly, be having that, by George substitute aka someone trendy like La Passionaria who would not piss on them if they were on fire.

    Thus Ross Greer’s recent, infantile, baby bootee stamping snit – a damned shame as the Greens have a lot to offer to the Scots body politic if they step upto the plate properly and in genuine solidarity with the SNP.

    Ach well and thankfully, it is now beginning to come out in the wash anyway despite the Unionists banging on their Lambeg Drums and making much empty noise like a shallow burn rattling by or an empty kettle shrieking with this lot’s collaborator fifes and piccolos offering tremulous backing to the bravura dissonance of the off key, out of tempo percussion of the full on Yoon band pished on faux bravado bevvy.

    In short, forward as MacLean said and Connolly who this thesis supported for these aforementioned pipsqueaks are an irrelevancy in the progress of this democratically made, popular, sovereign Scots history in the making.

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    • Well, there’s a piece of high flying, crafted writing for early in the morning!
      Whatever you put in your sugarally-watter, daibhidhdeux, I’ll have some of it!!!

      Excellent diatribe, although I do quite like Bateman’s writing.


    • Doreen says:

      Great start to my day reading this and Peter’s piece though I did splutter a mouthful of Earl Grey tea over my clean t shirt! Thankfully not over my knitting. 😂

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      • daibhidhdeux says:

        Thank the Lord it wasn’t your knitting as, heaven forfend that happening for not only am I a great fan of the knitting, I am especially a great fan of the Sans Culottes and their style which they clicked and clacked together around the base of the guillotine in revolutionary France; thus, my relief you will not be consigning me to that heid-lopping destiny for causing damage to yours:)


  5. daibhidhdeux says:

    PS I’d put my bawbees on this lot coming out with hands Uriah Heep wringing in favour of the Union and all “morally” hedged about at the next referendum.


  6. Tricia Clint says:

    Well put peeps. The majority of us plebs don’t heed their bemoanings and their propensity for stirring the gunk.problem is, when people begin to accept their opinions because they are of the belief that these commentators are well informed and up to pace with the zeit giest.
    instilling discord and division, which in the main is not evidently a huge problem with the grassroots .


  7. Bob says:

    Nicely put Peter. Think they’ve done themselves no favours & adds only to what ppl perceive them to be..I.F.T….Innit For Themselves.
    Done themselves more self harm than injury to others (unless you count hurt feelings), so all’s well that ends well.


  8. grizebard says:

    You can tell a person’s true motives from the friends they (choose to) keep. And who they (choose to) defend. So Cat Boyd is proud to vote Corbyn and defend SLab’s Kez Dugdale, and her ultra-lefty fellow-travellers then launch attacks on anyone who dares point out the staringly obvious, namely that if you talk like a Unionist, and vote like a Unionist, you are at heart… guess what…?

    Carolyn Leckie may be a lefty, but I thought she had rather more sense than most, so her belated pitching-in on the side of the comrades is not only a maladroit re-stoking of the embers, it is a true disappointment. Just another trooper in the Nirvana Brigade of Fairweather Friends, it seems, happily providing fodder for Unionist propagandists such as Torrance. Another predictable descent into the kind of useless self-indulgent splitterism the radical left just can’t seem to resist.

    As if there are no more important issues at stake, for goodness’ sake. Leckie et al need to take a good look at their own attitudes before complaining about anyone else’s. Who started this current spat in the first place, eh…?


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