Dugdale v Campbell

I don’t care if you vote Stay/Leave in the UK, Leave/Remain in the EU or even if you believe in God or not…I really don’t care.  However, I do care about how you want your politicians to behave.  Stuart Campbell, he of the Wings over Scotland site once made a joke (a not very funny one) about David Mundell.  That joke made reference to Mundell being gay.  I personally thought at the time that it was crass, homophobic though?  No chance.

However, I do resent Dugdale’s use of Parliament to defame an individual member of the public.  Her faux outrage made all the more annoying because this is her chance to have a go at Wings.  That’s what this is all about an opportunity to get at one of the big hitters on the pro-independence new media.

Even more astonishing is that the likes of Angela Haggerty, the editor of the awful Common Space, is siding with Dugdale and spouting out on Twitter about how every Yes supporter should back her too.  I have already written about her, but again I’ll ask, who the hell made her some kind of authority for Yes supporters to listen to?

I for one am pleased that Mt Campbell has decided to raise a case against Dugdale for defamation.  I also hope he wins.


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2 Responses to Dugdale v Campbell

  1. Bill MacLeod says:

    Couldn’t agree more.


  2. Carol Murphy says:

    Couldn’t agree more!


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