Better is not good enough

The below-the-line comments on this article from some of British nationalism’s more tedious amateur propagandists nicely underlines the point that economic discussion desperately needs to move away from the threadbare “Too wee! Too poor! Too stupid!” arguments that are the stock-in-trade of ideological unionists. But Ben Wray will have to forgive me if I am naturally wary (if not deeply suspicious) of proposals which so much as give the impression of being advanced as an alternative to independence.

Or, to put it another way, I need to be reassured about whether and how such economic proposals fit with the overarching constitutional case for restoring Scotland’s independence.

Economic arguments have their place. But they can never supersede or substitute for arguments deriving from the fundamental principles of democracy and justice.

It makes perfect sense that we should, for the present, seek to make the best of our situation within the UK. But let us be perfectly clear that there is no economic arrangement, however comfortable, which negates or diminishes the case for rectifying the gross democratic anomalies of the existing political union by restoring Scotland’s rightful constitutional status.

Let it also be clearly understood that this is NOT an argument for independence at any cost. It is perfectly reasonable to assume that a nation which can make the best of a grotesquely asymmetric political union will be even better able to effect improvement when freed from the constraints and impediments of a devolved settlement purposefully designed to severely limit the scope of Scotland’s democratically elected parliament.

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