A need for maturity

According to a number of people who consider themselves qualified to pontificate on such matters, we will never get independence so long as it is associated with the SNP. The party is, we are assured, such a ‘toxic’ brand that it actually puts people off voting to rescue themselves and their country from the deadly grip of the British state.

On hearing this, I have to remind myself that what they are referring to is a party whose electoral success and general popularity is considered something of a political phenomenon. There is a massive logical disconnect between the known, observable, empirically verifiable status of the SNP and the claim that it is somehow ‘poisoning’ the independence movement.

The SNP is already a ‘brand’ that sells. So how can it be the problem when it comes to marketing the Yes ‘brand’? To the extent that there is a problem, we really should be looking elsewhere to find it.

Never mind the fact that the SNP is crucial to the entire project because it provides the effective political power which is essential. Purely from a campaigning perspective, if you are saying that you can’t sell a party that is already as trusted as the SNP then there’s little chance that your campaign is going to be able to sell independence.

Or, to put it another way, until the Yes movement is mature enough to recognise and accept the role of the SNP, and devise a campaign accordingly, it cannot succeed.

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2 Responses to A need for maturity

  1. I broadly agree. I am pretty ambivalent about the SNP. In government they strike me as too cautious and too controlling. That being said, they are arguably easily the most competent of the major political parties in Scotland, boasting the most able politicians, and are therefore wholly preferable to the others. The SNP are a vehicle, the only vehicle, for independence. Without them in power at Holyrood, a second independence referendum will never happen, regardless of how organised or numerous the broader Yes campaign is. For pro-independence campaigners to be bickering among ourselves is to fall for the classic Bristish Establishment divide and conquer tactic. The SNP will have my support at least until independence is delivered.

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    • Which is what I would expect anyone who wants independence to say. Once the goal has been achieved, then, and only then people should be able to vote for whatever party they want. It makes complete sense to me.

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