Are you pro-EU?

When this question was posed on Facebook, I responded as follows.

I’m not so much pro-EU as resigned to the fact of its existence. And to the fact that, if it didn’t exist, we’d have to invent it. Or something very like it.

I’m also aware that there is absolutely no way any nation in the world, far less in Europe, can conduct its affairs as if the EU didn’t exist. There is no way to be outside its sphere of influence. It is the biggest single market on the planet and, if you are involved in international trade or commerce or travel or pretty much any other human activity, you will be impacted by EU regulation.

I’m also aware that this is not necessarily a bad thing. The EU has been a very positive influence in terms of consumer protection and workers rights, for example. Harmonisation has generally made trade easier. Although this can be seen as a mixed blessing.

In addition, I am a Scottish nationalist. Therefore, it necessarily follows that I am firmly persuaded that only the people of Scotland have the right to decide on their nation’s relationship with the EU. And should they decide that they want Scotland to leave the EU, then it is their democratically elected government which should be negotiating that process.

I accept that, to the extent that the people of Scotland can be consulted on the issue of EU membership whilst Scotland is still part of the UK, they have opted to remain. I respect that choice; abhor the UK Government’s contempt for the will of Scottish voters, and fully support the Scottish Government’s efforts to defend Scotland’s interests.

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