Still marching!

Now that I’ve had some sleep I feel a little less down about the outcome of that utterly pointless election. Even though the SNP were expecting substantial losses in terms of seats, it’s hard to take when it comes to actual people, such as Angus Robertson and Alex Salmond. But, with my mind refreshed, I realise that the SNP has strength in depth. I recall the contest for Depute Leader and how we had four candidates for that role who could barely be separated in terms of their qualities and abilities. And I recognise that a similar situation arises as we are forced to think about who will replace Angus. I can easily think of two candidates right away. And there’s probably more.

I am also eager to stress that, while we lost some seats and some stars, we won the election. We won! Keep telling yourself that. More importantly, keep telling everyone else. Because the British establishment’s narrative will be that the SNP was trounced. They’re already busy crowning Ruth Davidson – again! – despite the fact that the British Conservative & Unionist Party in Scotland (BCUPS) came a very distant second. They don’t care how ridiculous they look. And Ruth Davidson certainly doesn’t mind playing the clown for the British ruling elites. She gets the attention she craves and the media have to make like they take her seriously so as to maintain the whole pretence.

It’s all about undermining the legitimacy of Scotland’s democratic institutions. That is their purpose. Only if we recognise that can we defend against it.

We won! And, in doing so, we incidentally affirmed the Scottish Government’s mandate for a new independence referendum. Not because the SNP was looking for such affirmation. The SNP has always respected the will of the Scottish people and the Scottish Parliament. The mandate was affirmed because the British parties insisted that the result of the election would be a verdict on their policy of denying the democratic right of self-determination that is wholly vested in the people of Scotland. Those people have, quite rightly and totally unsurprisingly, rejected that policy.

The result of the election was a decisive win for the SNP, with almost 50% more seats than all the anti-democratic British nationalist parties combined. #ScotRef is on!

As for our depleted representation at Westminster, well, they may be diminished in numbers, but not in quality. I have total confidence that the 35 will continue to be Scotland’s bulwark against the depredations of a vicious Tory British state to the fullest extent that they are able given the fact that the British state treats them as second-class MPs – also part of the effort to delegitimise Scotland’s democratic institutions. We have very capable people among that 35. They will do their job.

The others won’t. One of the positive things about the British nationalists winning more seats is that it will now become even more evident how the British political elite discriminates against the Scottish (SNP) MPs who are there to represent their constituents and country as opposed to the British MPs who are there to represent their party and a political system which favours the few at the expense of the many.

We won. This is just one more stage in the process of bringing Scotland’s government home. We’re still marching!

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