Corbyn’s contempt

Jeremy Corbyn is talking utter pish. To insist that voters in Scotland have a “simple choice” between the two main British nationalist parties is to disregard the reality of Scottish politics. Worse! it is massively disrespectful of Scotland’s voters as it seems to assume that we are too stupid to recognise what utter pish Corbyn is talking. Quite simply, there is no rational analysis of Scotland’s current political circumstances which so totally discounts the relevance of the Scottish National Party.

Is Jeremy Corbyn seriously unaware that the SNP is the party of government in Scotland? Is he oblivious to the fact that the SNP is by far the largest political party in Scotland; and the third largest in the UK? Is he unmindful of the fact that only a couple of years ago the SNP all but wiped out British Labour in Scotland, and that polls show the party on track to achieve a similar result on 8 June? Only this level of abysmal ignorance could possibly explain his arrogantly dismissive attitude to the SNP.

That arrogance will go down well with party loyalists who can be relied upon to applaud like circus seals anything that looks remotely like an attack on the hated SNP. It won’t play nearly so well with politically aware voters who are increasingly concerned about the British parties’ contemptuous attitude towards Scotland’s democratic institutions and political culture.

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One Response to Corbyn’s contempt

  1. I am not a Scottish citizen, but Scotland is my ancestral homeland. I am a direct descendant of Robert 20th Laird of Hunterston. Please do not allow the BS that happened here in the U.S. happen there…..😢

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