The Tory cesspit runs deep…

If you don’t already know who this is, please let me introduce you to James Heappey.  Mr Heappey is the Tory candidate for Wells in Somerset.

This ball of charm was talking to a group at an all-girls school, when one of them, who was Scottish, said that she supported independence (wise girl). Did Mr Heappey just have a laugh with her about this?  Oh no, not him, this guy decided to tell her to, “f**k off back to Scotland then”.  That’s right, he actually told a school girl to f**k off.  When talking to the Sunday Mirror he said it was meant as a joke and that no offence was intended.  You’d think an ex Army major would have more sense and be a bit more courteous to a young lady.  Putting aside the misogynistic attitude of what he said, there lies the more serious problem that the Tories just cannot hide their contempt for Scotland or indeed the Scottish, which begs the question, why would any self-respecting person in Scotland vote for the Conservatives?

I know that the Unionist vote up there seems to be gathering under their banner, but, and again, I have to ask, why would they?  I know that I couldn’t vote for a Party that holds my country in contempt.  Indeed just look at the Tory talent-free that is their list MSP’s. Murdo Fraser and Adam Tomkins.  They have never hidden their disdain for Holyrood, yet they don’t seem to  mind taking a very good salary for being members of it.   Yet, and yet, incredibly they are given air time to spout their nonsense.

We have had almost a week of various Tory Councillors either being suspended or getting embroiled in one scandal or another; usually around the topics of racism or sexism.   We have rape-clause Ruth trying to politicise   Irish politics for her own opportunistic gains (she failed rather spectacularly).

I’ve tried to think of reasons why people in Scotland would vote Tory or against independence and I have come to some rather stark conclusions (all of which could be wrong…it does happen from time-to-time).  You’ll vote Tory because:

  • You don’t really care about what happens to Scotland at all as long as it stays in the UK.
  • You don’t care that the Tories despise you.
  • You’re British – not Scottish regardless of how ugly being British looks like right now.

If, like me, you wouldn’t vote Tory, even if it was the only option on the ballot, then please, any Unionists who vote Labour, do not, DO NOT, vote for a Party that hates you.

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1 Response to The Tory cesspit runs deep…

  1. James Barr Gardner says:

    The english have ingrained view that they are God’s chosen people on this planet and treat everyone else as jonny foreigners, it’s a sad delusion but it is constantly reinforced by a twisted english media, in contrast to that of Scots where We’re awe Jock Tamson’s Bairns notion of the world no wonder the People of Scotland vote remain.


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