The end game…

You know, I’d thought that I’d heard all the bollocks that a Unionist politician or journalist could utter, until last Thursday.  You would never have thought that the SNP had increased its number of seats and vote share given the rabid claims of a Tory revival in Scotland.  In short, there is no such thing.  Let me show you this little graph:

The SNP have just won three successive elections, each with a different voting system. However, let’s make the headlines all about some non-existent Tory revival.

There’s an end game being played here.  On June the 8th, should the SNP win the majority of the seats…again, then that’s it, the Union is over.  The British Press and British Nationalist MP’s know this too.  This next four weeks will see a propaganda blitz like no other trying to scare, cajole and push people into voting anyone but the SNP.

Hold your nerve, the game’s almost over.

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