Doing what must be done

While The Scottish Green Party, and James MacKessack-Leitch, are to be congratulated on their all too rare show of pragmatism and integrity as they stand aside in favour of the SNP’s Angus Robertson, it really shouldn’t have been a difficult choice for them to make. If one genuinely believes that the existing political union is seriously detrimental to Scotland and that this is a situation which can only be adequately addressed by restoring the independence of both nations, then one should be prepared to take whatever action is necessary to move towards that objective.

This applies to every individual, group and party engaged with Scotland’s democratic process. If we are firmly persuaded of the absolute necessity of bringing Scotland’s government home, then each and every day should start and end with each and every one of us asking what we can do to aid the lawful, peaceful, democratic independence movement. No sacrifice should be so great that we are not prepared to make it. No impediment can be so daunting that we are deterred from tackling it. No advantage or gain should be so alluring as to cause our commitment to falter.

I do not underestimate what the Scottish Greens and James MacKessack-Leitch have done. In the context of ‘normal’ politics, it is an extraordinarily bold and generous gesture. But in the context of the democratic struggle in which Scotland is now engaged, it may represent the least that might be expected of any of us.

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