Killing hope

There’s a great deal in this article about British Labour in Scotland’s (BLiS) bitter resentment of the SNP and a fair bit of wishful thinking about what might restore BLiS to the status which it regards as its entitlement. There is nothing at all about the needs, priorities and aspirations of Scotland’s people.

Duncan Hothersall is a British nationalist and a BLiS loyalist. As such, he is totally blind to a fact which is blindingly obvious to those who have not sacrificed their capacity for rational thought to facile dogma. That fact is that around half the people of Scotland want independence. And a large proportion of the rest want meaningful constitutional reform of the kind that is anathema to British nationalists.

Duncan sees the whole independence movement as nothing more than a ploy to deprive his beloved party of what it believes with a religious fervour to be its rightful place. It is not the SNP that has destroyed British Labour in Scotland. It is the naked lust for power for its own sake combined with a sneering contempt for voters that has repulsed people.

Duncan imagines the answer to BLiS’s travails to lie in the destruction of the SNP. He fails utterly to recognise that it is not the SNP which has dragged the people of Scotland along on some political adventure. It is the people of Scotland who have pushed the SNP to the vanguard of the fight to fulfil their aspirations. His project is, not the elimination of a political rival, but the eradication of a democratic movement. He doesn’t just want to vanquish the SNP, he hopes to destroy hope.

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1 Response to Killing hope

  1. John says:

    Thanks peter for stating the obvious. Obvious to everyone but the blind hatred of the LPIS.


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